WELCOME to our

For our first year, we are excited to be offering a smaller share as a subscription of
3 tulip bouquets for $75. Each bouquet consists of 8-10 specialty tulip blooms every other week.
Pick-up only in Hudson, NY

You will be notified of exact dates, pick-up location as well as reminders. 
1. Sunday, February 26
2. Sunday, March 12
3. Sunday, March 26

Bring in some color for this coming Winter Season...and for next season we are looking forward to growing and offering blooms from Valentines Day to Easter!

Thanks for joining.

Contact me at karla@thewestmeadow.com for any questions.  If you are purchasing a gift, please send me an email with the recipient's name and email. We can send you a card or the recipient notifying them of their upcoming gift. Thank you! You can follow us on instagram for updates as well.